Are you, at least for once, demotivated by the fact that you are working long hours, as long as a 60++ hour a week, yet getting a fixed pay every month?

Are you used to doing all the hard work, yet the boss is enjoying all the credits and rewards?

Are you thinking of getting out of the rat race, and moving quickly towards financial independence?

Are you looking at a career which focuses on providing quality services to your clients and at the same time, offers you REWARDS which is exactly reflective of the effort you put in?

If “YES” is the answer, this will be THE CAREER for you.

We love to see our team members evolve and succeed. So to help you develop your new career, we have put in place the following:-

  • Comprehensive training in relation to project marketing to equip you with adequate skills and knowledge to start off;
  • Various property new launches available for you to sell. No worries about having to source for listing and sellers;
  • Excellent coaching and mentoring culture so as to help you overcome challenges, if any;
  • Fantastic work-life balance, you decide your own time management and client management; and
  • High share of commission, again this is what we meant by getting REWARDED based on your EFFORT!

It’s never late to make a career switch. Don’t just think! ACT NOW! Only ACTIONS will determine your SUCCESS.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”  By Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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